About Kinderwelt Hamburg

More than 25 years of experience in early childhood education
Kinderwelt Hamburg was founded in 1992 by the managing directors Ursula Smischliaew and Jörg Brettschneider as a non-profit organisation for independent child and youth welfare. Today, about 600 employees work in our 25 childcare centres, two parent-child centres and three cooperations with elementary schools as well as in the kitchens and headquarters.

We offer a total of around 2,400 childcare places.

Freedom and responsibility

Our educational work is based on a humanistic philosophy. We are committed to scientific enlightenment and humanistic ethics. This means, among other things, offering children and adolescents the chance to find a secular answer to the question of meaning.

We are convinced that everyone wants to take responsibility from the beginning of their life and shape their environment together with others. That is why democratic structures, transparency, and participation at all levels are fundamental components of our work.

For us, personal freedom also means an obligation to create community relationships that meet social and ecological demands and have a sustainable effect. Our goal is to enable children to form a differentiated picture of the world and to develop their own point of view.

Flachsland Zukunftsschulen

Learning together in our “Bildungshaus”
The many positive experiences and feedback from parents and experts almost inevitably led to the idea of continuing our educational concept within the framework of a bilingual, all-day education centre for school-age children.
With the newly founded Flachsland Zukunftsschulen gemeinnützige GmbH, we have been offering children since 2008 the opportunity to grow up with the same educational standards that we have tried and tested over many years.

In September 2008 we started in temporary quarters before moving into the converted Alsterpalais in Alsterdorfer Strasse in 2009. Since then, around 60 childcare children and up to 180 school children have had the opportunity to learn under one roof in a joint education centre. By now we also have our secondary school running in a complementary building just across the street from our main site.

In August 2019 we also founded our own professional school for social pedagogy,
the Campus29.

You will find more information here: www.flachsland-zukunftsschulen.de

Our umbrella association
Kinderwelt Hamburg is a member of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg and also participates in its quality assurance procedures. The PARITÄTISCHE is one of the six central associations of free welfare care in Hamburg. It is the umbrella organisation of different members who work in all areas of social, youth, women’s, disabled, elderly and health assistance. The PARITÄTISCHE represents and promotes its member organisations in their professional objectives and their legal, social and economic concerns. 

Kinderwelt Hamburg gGmbH

Main office

22083 Hamburg

For free childcare places, please contact the management of the respective house directly.

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