Our partners in everyday school life

An all-day school constitutes enrichment for children: Diverse offers and learning approaches as well as multi-professional teams create more joy of learning and quality of life. In our cooperation with four primary schools in Hamburg, we see ourselves as part of a network with schools in order to accompany and support pupils in their development. As well we strife to make children feel safe and secure.

Within the context of school cooperation, we also work on the basis of the open pedagogy of mindfulness and treat every child with interest, openness and appreciation. You can find more information about our concept here.

We listen, act reliably and transparent. We take the children and their concerns serious: This also includes the joint development of topics for projects and activities as well as rules for social coexistence and the resolution of conflicts. Hereby we strengthen children for their future, promote independent and responsible action and a good understanding of democracy.

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