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Voluntary service and internship at
Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V.

You want to make a difference? You want to know if you like working with children?
Send us your application!

Kinderwelt Hamburg e. V. is a charitable kindergarten organisation. You can also do a state-approved voluntary service or an internship with us. 

We work differently than many other childcare providers. With us you get to know the concept of the open pedagogy of mindfulness.

In our kindergartens there are no fixed group rooms, but experience rooms such as ateliers, moving and role-playing spaces. In our pedagogical work we focus on the needs and wishes of the children. We take their opinions seriously and involve them in shaping their everyday lives. 

English-speaking pedagogues also work in every day care centre, so the children experience everyday life in two languages as a matter of course. Environmental protection and healthy nutrition are very important to us. Our food comes 100% from controlled organic farming, and we cook by ourselves.

You want to shape the future?

If you would like to play an active role in shaping society and take responsibility for the future of our children, apply to us!
Read here what we want from you and what Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. offers you as an employer.

  • You treat people with respect and esteem, regardless of their physical,
    mental and cultural abilities
  • you are curious, sensitive and open to the needs of the individual child
  • You are looking for a challenging and meaningful job and want to contribute 
  • ecological acting has a high value for you
  • a friendly and respectful environment in which working brings pleasure
  • motivated and professional instructors
  • we are open for your ideas and talents
  • a high percentage of male pedagogues
  • you take part in advanced training courses
  • during a recognised voluntary service you are covered by social insurance and
    continue to be entitled to child support
  • we pay a pocket money, a subsidy for the meals and if necessary a subsidy for an apartment

If you enjoy working with us and you like our concept, you can also do an on-job training as an pedagogue with us. We have founded our own school for social pedagogy and offer you many opportunities for advancement and development later on!

How do we get together?

Please send your application by e-mail directly to the house of your interest. 

Click here for an overview of our kindergartens and here for an overview of our school cooperations.

Also in our school, the Bildungshaus Alsterpalais, there is the possibility to do state-approved voluntary services or an internship!

Would you like to know more about voluntary service?

How much is the salary? What training is available to you? How are you insured?

Our umbrella association, the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg, has compiled answers to these and other questions for you.
Click here for more information.

You can apply directly to our houses.


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