Ice skating

March 2019 On a sunny March day, some of the children went ice skating in Stellingen! They were very excited, even the ones who had never been before. Some of them had even been counting down since eleven sleeps…

On the day of the field trip, armed with backpacks and shoe sizes written on their hands, we made the trip to the ice rink. We had to wait a little bit to rent our ice skates and then a bit longer until everyone had their skates on, but we were finally on the ice! A lot of them were insecure on the ice, and more still were afraid of falling and hurting themselves. However, they eventually pushed themselves away from the wall to stand independently on the ice. Now, how to move forward?

A lot of wobbly falls later, everyone was smiling and very proud of themselves that they could stay upright on the slippery surface! All of the children were able to learn how to balance using the learners’ chairs, and then trusted themselves enough to let go.

A lot of cries of „Ich kann schlittschuhlaufen!“ were heard, and though they still lost their balance occasionally, they were in good spirits. Their confidence was great to watch!

Afterwards, we all had a well-deserved snack before heading back to the kindergarten. We were all quite tired for the rest of the day, but it was worth it!