NABU Ausflug

Februar 2017 On Thursday 9th of February we and the Kita Eilbeker Weg braced the freezing cold and met with Jürgen from the NABU FUCHSMOBIL.
As soon as we arrived in the park we started noticing animals sitting in the trees and hiding behind the bushes. How fascinating!
Jürgen explained that the animals were once alive but are now stuffed and used to teach us humans more about our environment. The fox, for example, has an excellent sense of smell and so we formed our hands in the shape of a snout and pretended to be sniffing for other animals. We were very successful and found a squirrel, a hare, an owl, a hedgehog, a marten, a magpie, and a mongoose. Jürgen explained to us what each of these animals eat and where they like to live. This was such an exciting outing and we even got to feel the real hedgehog spikes!
Right at the end, before we had to go back to Kita, we had the opportunity to see the big sea eagle that one is able to see nesting along the Elbe in Hamburg. That was very special indeed!