Sending a rainbow

July 2020 – It has been a few months since we have spent time with our elderly friends from our ASB drop-in centre co-operation, but we have not forgotten them!
A few days ago we decided to paint them a picture of our kindergarten under a rainbow to remind them that we are waiting to be allowed to see them again.

We all decided together that this motif would be the most fitting, and after waiting for our masterpiece to finish drying we then tried to figure out how to transport it down the Langenfelder Damm.

‚Mit den Händen?‘
‚Oder mit einer Karre oder Roller?‘
‚Nein! Wir nehmen es alle an den Ecken und Kanten und es wird schon!‘

And off we went!

It was a wonderful show of teamwork to have all six of us walk down the street together and make it to the ASB door. Our friend Susanne came outside to greet us and to accept our gift and our letter and promised to hang it up for our friends to enjoy. We are looking forward to seeing each other again as soon as we are able!